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(no subject) [Dec. 31st, 2037|11:12 am]
Rose - QueenofCups
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TAROT for the MIND, BODY, and SOUL!

*Have you ever wondered why you are the way that you are?
*Have you ever wanted insight in ways to improve yourself positively?
*Are you a Tarot enthusiast seeking people with similar interests?
*Are you interested in learning about Tarot?

I am Rose - follow me to learn about your inner desires.
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Sorry for being MIA [May. 27th, 2014|11:29 pm]
Rose - QueenofCups

I haven't posted and that is my fault. I have been working on setting up a website for myself as well as a blog within the site.

If you're curious:

The website is still very much under construction. But I am happy with the progress.

If anybody would like to get in touch with me, send me an email: Lunahour@gmail.com

Blessed be,

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7 of SWORDS [Apr. 30th, 2014|11:08 pm]
Rose - QueenofCups
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BELTANE and the 7 of SWORDS

I was watching a youtube video done by the wonder FOURQUEENS and she was discussing Beltane and what it means to her. She discussed the beauty of allowing yourself to shed the baggage that is no longer necessary in your current life but we insist on holding onto this stuff because of some sort of emotional significance.
As she described this I immediately thought of the 7 of SWORDS and was like WOW! THAT IS IT!

Now, I am not Pagan, but I do love the idea of shedding the bullshit. Boy do I know I have plenty of that to shed. I will spare you guys the boredom of listing it all, but I will say this: Allow yourself the freedom of being who you really are and getting rid of the crap weighing you down!

I will leave you with this thought. Think of the 7 of SWORDS. Dwell on this tomorrow, May 1st. What are you carrying around that you really don't need anymore? What is unnecessary in your life? What can you shed in order to let the real you shine through crystal clear?
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Feeling a little out of sorts. [Apr. 28th, 2014|08:55 pm]
Rose - QueenofCups
[Current Mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]

I injured my lower back AGAIN. I have had this back injury since 2010 and I just seem to repeatedly fuck it up time after time. I ended up leaving work early so I could be comfortable at home.

I am in a lot of pain and discomfort right now, and it seems highly unlikely that I will be able to go to work tomorrow. It's a 10 hour shift with both of my part-time jobs. Ugh. That means a huge blow to my paycheck. BUT my health comes first.

I think tonight calls for a super long guided meditation session. YUP!

Tomorrow, if I stay home, will be a day filled with updates and free Tarot readings. If any of you guys reading this would like a free tarot reading, send me a comment or private message. You can also Email me at: Lunahour@gmail.com and request a reading. Submit a question or something on your mind.

Blessed be!
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THE FOOL [Apr. 27th, 2014|07:28 pm]
Rose - QueenofCups
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the fool

This last week I have taken part in a Tarot Business Boot camp hosted and created by Heather Woodward. She is a professional Tarot Reader, and somebody I absolutely admire. Her week long boot camp has given me lots of things to think about regarding whether I should take the next step in furthering my dreams. Her 6 week Boot camp is going to start up in a week or 2, and I am planning on being a part of it. I have saved some money and I think I will do it. It has inspired me in many ways and this feels like a journey I absolutely must take.

Which leads me to THE FOOL. I have chosen this card for 2 reasons:
1. It was the card I pulled for my client.
2. It resonated with me even though I was doing a reading for someone else.

THE FOOL flat out symbolizes my current state of mind regarding Tarot. The fact that I want to make Tarot a personal business for myself has opened a new door leading to a new path. A JOURNEY. Now, although I have somewhat started this journey already with this blog and my tumblr site, I have high hopes that I will gather the courage to take this dream to the next step: setting up an account to do live readings for clients via phone, chat, and email.

I am just barely beginning this process, and as THE FOOL is, I am new to this entire experience. I am excited to find what lies beyond this path, and hopeful to become successful. When we follow our dreams we always have some preconceived notion of how everything is to fall in place, but in reality we don't know. That is part of the journey.

SO...as I embark on this journey, I will give random updates so those of you who read this will know what is going on. Perhaps someday you will be the caller on the line in receiving a reading from me! We can only hope!

Blessed be,
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(no subject) [Apr. 23rd, 2014|11:23 am]
Rose - QueenofCups
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I was scrolling through my tumblr blog earlier and this picture came up. I just HAD to save it and make a blog regarding this little message because this has really resonated with me personally this week.

Do you guys ever find yourselves faced with 2 personalities? 1 for the strict people in your life (usually family) and 1 for the friends in your life? For YEARS I have struggled with carrying 2 personalities, 2 faces, 2 minds. Let me tell you: IT IS FUCKING STRESSFUL.

My family background is mega protestant - born again Christian background. I am NOT knocking the denomination, but I will say this: their way of putting me down for my open mind and colourful way of wanting to think and live my life has turned me off towards THEM (certain family members). I am a Catholic who LOVES God, but I also LOVE practicing witchcraft as a means of expressing my faith. I also have an intense interest in TAROT. This is where my "2nd personality" comes in. My family does not know of my practice of witchcraft, Tarot, and love for the occult. I choose not to share this piece of my life with them because of the way they dealt with my conversion to the Catholic church. If they couldn't handle my switching denominations even though we are still serving the SAME GOD, then how would they handle me wanting to become a professional Tarot reader and practicing witchcraft? HA!!!!

I am sharing this bit of information with you guys because I want to spark some sort of inspiration in someone who may read this OR shed comfort upon a heart of someone going through the same thing I did/am.

BE YOURSELF. I am learning this on a daily basis. I am 28 years old and I find it unfortunate that I must resort to "hiding" pieces of my life from people simply because they would fail to understand let alone accept. I have no problem keeping a portion of myself a secret, but I do have a problem not allowing myself to bloom to my full potential because of the opinions of others around me. That I will no longer allow because I allowed it for a long time. All it did make me depressed and confused and just feeling like I was constantly searching for something I knew was there all along but too afraid to dive deeper into it.

I love everything about myself right now. I love the fact that lately I have been allowing myself to grow and take part in things I LOVE. I am no longer pausing my life for others. I am no longer caring what others might think of me. I don't care. I am doing what I want because I deserve to live my life to its full potential!

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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2014|09:48 pm]
Rose - QueenofCups
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

I have the need to type something yet I am suffering from writer's block!
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The Perfect Tarot Spread -- for my life. [Apr. 21st, 2014|10:25 am]
Rose - QueenofCups
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Over the weekend I did a lot of self contemplation while shuffling the cards. I sat at a local park and gazed out at the man made pond and watched the ducks play in the water. I brought my cards out from my purse and began to shuffle them while thinking about what it is I really want out of life. To just sit there and gaze at animals freely BE without a worry in the world was just overwhelmingly relaxing. I found myself wishing I could a part of their world. No cares. No worries. No responsibilities.

Later that same day I brought my cards out and began looking through the deck. I started picking out cards that I felt would create "the perfect tarot spread" based on what it is I really want out of my life. The picture above portrays just that.

2 of CUPS -- To be united with a lover and take part in the union of bringing 2 souls to 1. To have that person you feel equal with and can be yourself with. To share wisdom and knowledge and learn from eachother's journeys through life.

4 of WANDS -- Many people interpret this card differently but when I look at it I automatically think "wedding" because that is how I interpret a union between 2 people. I see this card as an indication of 2 people coming together to show the world their bond is forever in both flesh and spirit.

10 of CUPS -- This is the ULTIMATE card of happiness and success. This is the rainbow that leads to the pot of gold. This is the creation of family and multiplying your love to create life for years to come. From a traditional standpoint, this is the ultimate goal of a human being. It is the "american dream" to be married and create a family and live in utter bliss for your lifetime.

THE LOVERS -- My symbol of life and what I strive for in life. To be with my lover. The way Eve was created for Adam. I am a sappy sucker for love and finding your soul mate. This card is proof that soulmates exist.

ACE of PENTACLES -- I interpret this card as the gift of success. To be handed the pentacle is like saying you are about to embark on this amazing journey of meeting your financial goals and creating that shelter for yourself to survive in this world. To be successful and earn the money you feel you deeply deserve.

KNIGHT of PENTACLES -- This would portray my "knight in shining armor" so to speak. I chose him from the Pentacle suit because he would be succssful in whichever path he chooses to tread. The fact that he sits so regal on his black horse shows he is confident in himself and what he chooses to do. He can actually take the time to sit upon his horse and gaze out into the world. To take in the beauty without feeling like he has to be somewhere now. He has all of the time in the world. He pays attention to detail and admires the small things in life.

QUEEN of PENTACLES -- This would portray myself. A queen is full of knowledge and experience. She has lived her life learning from mistakes and misfortunes. The Pentacle she holds close symbolizes (to me) pregnancy as well as the unborn possibilities in her life. She is surrounded by roses and nature showing her love for life and creation. She is regal and ready.

THE WORLD -- This card means the full circle. You have taken on a path and have come to the finish line. You are successful. You have made it! You may now embark on a new path because this one was finished and complete. You did the right thing. You are going to be okay.

I chose these cards deliberately to show what it is I want out of my life. I know the liklihood of ever pulling these exact cards for myself in a reading where I blindly pull the cards is highly impossible....BUT there are traits in areas I can at least strive to manifest in my own being.

So now my question for YOU:
*Have you ever deliberately pulled cards to create your own perfect spread?
*What card would resemble you?
*What card are you right now?

I see myself as the Page of Pentacles - right now. Still searching for my career path and doing my best to manifest something great with what I have right now. I still have much growing to do and hope to become the Queen of Pentacles someday.

Create your own "perfect tarot spread" and learn from what your mind and heart tells you. See what it is you really want out of life and let the cards show you the way.

Blessed be!
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Tarot and Ice Cream [Apr. 18th, 2014|10:00 pm]
Rose - QueenofCups
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Lastnight a co-worker of mine asked if I would like to go out for ice cream, and so I said yes. We went to a small diner by our work and sat and talked while eating ice cream. I had told him about my obsession with Tarot and he asked me to explain it more. I ended up taking my cards out and laying them out on the table for him to look at. I ended up doing a super mini reading for him. I don't think he is as skeptical as he was before, but it doesn't matter. I completely understand that some people are just not going to understand or be on the same page as I am regarding the Tarot. It was nice showing him my interests and explaining the cards to him. Even if he thinks I am weird.
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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2014|10:47 am]
Rose - QueenofCups
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[Current Mood |touchedtouched]


SEAL: "Hard work and inspiration are the foundation of true creativity"

I wanted to switch things up a little bit and use my ANIMAL MESSAGES deck to give a reading for today. I shuffled and pulled out the Seal card. My first impression was happiness when I pulled this card because the message was beautiful and it goes along with the way this week has been turning out not only for myself, but I think for a lot of other people out there too.

THE SEAL is a water animal who dwells in the ocean. WATER = EMOTIONS and boy do I know I have been filled with tons of that lately. I know my personal circle of friends have been experiencing an emotional whirlwind of attack lately as well. Perhaps this has something to do with the blood moon early Tuesday morning.

The message in this card conveys the need to understand that your hard work and creativity go a long way and are hand in hand with one another. We may find ourselves bored with our every day routine and looking for something new and fresh. We are constantly evolving into something greater than we were yesterday. But we must remember not to be so hard on ourselves. What we may find mundane and boring routine may be treasure and excitement in the eyes of someone else. Never limit your dreams to the extent of what you think your hands are capable of. I found myself NEEDING to express myself in more ways than just complaining in text messages to friends. I knew I wanted to do more with my interest in Tarot than just reblogging pictures on my tumblr account (http://lunahour.tumblr.com) and so last weekend I went out and bought a laptop so I could begin creating the much coveted Tarot Blog I had been dreaming up in my head.

That is how THIS blog was born! So by pulling the Seal card, I found it resonated deeply with what has been going on with myself, lately. I hope it speaks wonders for you guys as well. We all deserve every ounce of happiness and praise for our hard work we can get!

Blessed be.
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